Harnessing the Three Energy Systems for Maximum Performance

2 min read

There are three energy systems within the human body—the ATP-PC system, the Glycolytic system, and the Aerobic system—that work together to provide us with the energy we need to function & perform.

Tips to Avoid Exercise Injuries: Understanding Fatigue - Knowing When and How to Listen to Your Body During Physical Activity

3 min read

Exercise-related injuries are extremely common, particularly in those people who are new to physical activity, for those starting a new fitness program, & for those who have recently increased their level of exercise intensity.

The Greatest Supplement You’re Not Using To Optimize Your Health & Performance.

3 min read

What if I told you that one of the greatest supplements one can take isn’t something that can be ingested, injected, or even purchased?

Top Reasons Why I Wear Vivobarefoot Shoes

3 min read

Traditional shoes are destroying our feet! Vivobarefoot shoes are designed to keep our feet strong & healthy!