Discipline vs. Motivation: Why Discipline Is the Key to Success!

2 min read

While motivation provides that initial spark needed to start, it is discipline that will push us forward when things get tough & provide the structure needed for long-term progress.

Confidence Controls Performance – Exploring the Connection Between Confidence and Performance

3 min read

When people are confident in their physical & mental abilities, they have more control over situations which leads to better performance. Confident people tend to take risks, challenge themselves, and push through difficult situations to succeed

Getting “In The Zone” What Is The Flow State, How Can We Access It, & How Does It Affect Performance?

3 min read

The flow state, also known as being “in the zone”, is a mental state in which an individual transcends their conscious awareness and enters a deeply focused state of concentration

Master Your Mentality - Bulletproof Your Mindset - Achieve Greatness!

3 min read

A strong mindset can set us up for a life filled with abundance, success, & happiness, while a poor mindset can destroy us!