January 24, 2023 3 min read

When it comes to achieving success, confidence plays a huge role. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to perform so well under pressure, while others falter? The answer may be that the some are more confident than others. Whether you are someone looking to perform better in the gym, at work, or in any other area of life, your level of confidence has a direct impact on your performance. Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between confidence and performance and how you can use this knowledge to achieve greatness.

The Impact of Confidence on Performance

When people are confident in their physical & mental abilities, they have more control over situations which leads to better performance. Confident people tend to take risks, challenge themselves, and push through difficult situations to succeed. Confidence builds a resilient mind! Those with confidence tend to perform better than those who lack confidence. Studies have found that when athletes are more confident in their abilities, they tend to experience greater success than those who lack self-belief. For example, if an athlete is confident in his or her ability to shoot free throws during a basketball game, they are more likely to make them—even if the pressure is high—than if they lack confidence in their shooting skills.

Confidence also has an impact on how people interact with their teammates, coaches,
& co-workers. When athletes are confident in themselves, it helps build trust amongst the team members and creates a positive environment & culture for everyone involved. This can lead to better performances as everyone works together towards a common goal with mutual respect and support for each other’s successes. On the other hand, athletes who lack confidence might be hesitant to speak up or offer suggestions which could hinder progress towards achieving set goals as a team unit.

How Do We Build Confidence?

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Your attitude about yourself has a big impact on your confidence & how well you will perform—whether it's in a physical activity like running or lifting weights or even something as simple as an interview. This is known as the self-fulfilling prophecy, which states that if we expect something to happen, our behavior, actions, & thoughts will likely make it happen. The power of believing in yourself & thinking positively cannot be understated; when you believe that you can do something & radiate positivity, you are more likely to achieve it.

The Role of Visualization

Visualization is another tool that can be used to increase your confidence and ultimately boost your performance. Visualization involves using imagery and positive affirmations to create mental pictures of what success looks like for yourself. By visualizing yourself succeeding at whatever task you are attempting, you create an emotional connection with success that can help foster self-confidence and motivation. This technique has been proven effective time and time again by athletes, entrepreneurs, and everyday people alike!

Talk Yourself Up

You’ll likely never feel confident if you have negative commentary & thoughts running through your mind. We all have that little voice in the back of our heads! Learn how to use that voice to be your biggest fan! Cheer yourself on, speak positive thoughts, & celebrate your successes with yourself.

The Importance of Practice

Finally, practicing whatever task or activity you are trying to master is essential for boosting your confidence and improving your performance. Practicing allows you to become comfortable with the task at hand and develop a better understanding of how it works—which will lead naturally to increased confidence when performing the actual task itself. Practicing also helps build muscle memory so that when it’s time for real action, things come more naturally without having to think too hard about them! 


Confidence is key when striving for success; having faith in yourself makes tackling any challenge easier than ever before! By understanding the relationship between confidence and performance—through self-fulfilling prophecies, visualization techniques, and practice—you can use this knowledge as motivation for achieving great things! Build up your confidence & you’ll find yourself ready tackle anything life throws your way!

Brad Becca
Brad Becca


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