May 31, 2022 3 min read

When I first got into fitness a decade ago, I was passionate, but clueless. Day in & day out, my routine consisted of primarily bodyweight exercises, performing hundred’s of push-ups & pull-ups. I worked out for hours & hours to reach 500+ reps daily. I loved it, but I knew my program lacked variety!

With consistency, I was able to build insane relative strength. I also gained about 15lbs of muscle mass as well! However, I knew I needed to change it up!

The more I educated myself & observed, the more I realized that some of the most fittest & functional individuals on earth were athletes. Some of the best physiques I’ve seen were found on athletes as well. I was intrigued! During this time, I also realized that the lack of sprinting, jumping, & power based training in most people’s program was astounding! I’d walk around the gym & wonder why everyone was training like a bodybuilder!

Unfortunately, the general public perceived training options include bodybuilding & powerlifting. There’s nothing wrong with those options, but there are so many other ways to train! I wanted to be different! I wanted to have a muscular physique, but didn’t want to train like a bodybuilder! I wanted to be strong & powerful, but had no desire to train like a power lifter! Not only did I want the muscular physique, strength, & power - but I also wanted to be fast, agile, coordinated, reactive, & to build my aerobic & anaerobic capacity! Even though I was no longer participating in sports, I wanted to remain athletic. I wanted to look like an athlete, feel like one, & perform like one. This is when I decided to start training like one.

Rather than performing hundreds of push-ups & pull-ups a day like I had previously been doing, I decided to start weight training, incorporating plyometrics, & hitting the turf field to work on speed & agility. After months of consistency, I noticed that this type of training was transforming my life! My physique was incredible, I was proportionate, & as athletic as I’d ever been. I was also having so much fun with my training routine & was no longer bored!

I’m currently 32 years young & I feel like I’m 18! I’d also like to think I perform like I’m 18 as well! I no longer participate in any sports, but I wish to remain as athletic as possible for as long as possible. My goal - to be able to keep up with my daughter the older she gets. I want to be able to kick a soccer ball around with her - to run with her - to play with her & to not feel like an old man doing so!

My philosophy is that you don’t need to be an athlete to train like one! You can do more than just train like bodybuilder or power lifter. You can add movement into your training like hops, skips, jumps, speed & agility. You can train athletically & have fun while doing so. Not to mention, you can build an incredible physique in the process.

Needless to say, I’ve finally found a routine that I’m happy with! If you’re bored with your training like I was, consider switching it up. Start training like an athlete & if you need guidance, I’ll be here to help you!
Brad Becca
Brad Becca

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